MY EVENT MY ALBUM………all about guest excitement

My event my album is aunique website designed by Sevenstreams International Ltd to share the pictorial moment of celebrations in the life of individual, group, government and corporate organisation around the world. Everyone in life has a moment of joy and happiness that will deserves sharing with well wishers in Diasporas.  This site provides ways to get everyone connected with what made an event great and splendid.

This platform is an avenue for the celebrant to give back to attendees and to show those who could not make the occasion the pictorial representation of the glitz and glamour of the events by bringing out all faces and exciting moments including the unexpected.

Study shows that only 1% of your guest, invitees, friends and family will ever see your hard copy Photo book. However, due to ease of access, 85% of these people will be glad and excited seeing your E-album online and even download the ones that interest them..

What is new?

It is human and in our culture especially in our society to review and discuss with friends, relations, colleagues and client about the events we attended of recent. People tend to make effort to give an in-depth description of how it went.  MYEVENTMYALBUM becomes a reference site to drive home individual point wherever you are around the world. A friendly argument often brew up among attendees later about who attended and who did not, whom you see saw and who you didn’t see. This is due to the fact that no individual can see all attendees in any occasion most especially the celebrants. Even Physical album and Video coverage won’t be ready until few weeks after the occasion and it is limited to the celebrant and few immediate families around to watch and review.  In MYEVENTMYALBUM, we showcase the faces of at least 90% of the people that attended the event and they see themselves within few hours after the event. It is unlike other media coverage with concentration on celebrants and very limited air space allocation by broadcast stations to give detail documentary.

It’s about your day

The website will bring your album into the palm of people especially those that could not make the event and are scattered around the globe.  There are many instances where all intending attendees that prepared for an occasion could not make it due to an unforeseen occurrence or challenge. Such people often wait till few pictures are shared on social media to have a feel of the occasion probably after few days or weeks.  Even at that, it will only be for those the uploader shares his/her account with on such social platform anyway.

MEMA will create an array of pictures that will cover every aspect of the celebration. With our professionalism we will implant in all viewers a moment to always remember in your life by uploading series of captivating pictures that made you occasion stands out.

ATTENDEES’ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT it is traditional in African settings to acknowledge and appreciate the presence of invitees after occasion. It is to show courtesy to friends and well wishers that made it to the occasion  by honouring ones invitation.  Attendees are firstly identified followed by acknowledged through phone calls, text messages, letters and other means of communication. However, there are appreciable time limit, mostly 3days max, within wish such appreciation are welcomed, the earlier the better.

With MEMA, you can be sure of immediate identification of about 95% of those that honoured your invitation. Unlike Photo book and video coverage which may take more than 2weeks to produce, MEMA will get you the faces of those you you saw and those you did not see during the celebration and so you can appreciate them early.

What we do.

MEMA is home to award winning photographers and creative directors offering compilation of e-photography and e-album services.

We are the pace setter for photography, quality e-album production, e-program services in the country and housing professional photographers and crew. With our array of high quality equipment our output and production is simply wow! With touch of clarity and distinct we shall make your day.

We cover and showcase every event that is so special in the life of individual, groups and corporate bodies. We also engage in the following on optional basis;

  • Commercial photo shoots
  • Multiple Album (Photo book)
  • Advertising shooting,
  • Fashion photography,
  • Model Portfolio
  • Family portraits and
  • Baby portrait Photo shooting.

In our photographs we wish to capture gestures, unspoken words, to the most important moments in people`s lives

What we offer

MEMA creates stunning portraits and spontaneously taken stand-alone works of art that celebrate all the fun, love and laughter of event and celebration. We love to document life and times in a photographic way.

Our photo directors and crew have an extraordinary eye for beauty and authentic emotion, they picturise your story as it unfolds. Our team will brilliantly combine your pictures with fine-art photo-journalism to capture what’s truly beautiful about you and your event; we celebrate every detail that fits your style and every moment that you would want to remember through pictures. Your story would be told and view just the way you want it

We offer three services that are germane a high standard, well organized and a successful outing and event;

  • E-Program (During  Event)
  • E-Album (After  Event)
  • Multiple Album (Photo book and E-Album)
  • E-Archives

E-Program .it is a now common trend in our society to see people scampering for programs during occasion or event.  There is no amount of programs printed for an event that will go round the attendees especially a high quality booklet.  This often causes distortions as well as rowdiness during such program. Printing is very expensive and having to produce a lot of high quality of it becomes a burden to the celebrant or organizer.  We have developed in our website- page, a means of reducing or removing the burden of shortage of program by uploading your certified event program in our website. The e-program will then become an alternative to be accessed online real time through the phone by all the attendees without booklet program while event is on-going. The platform is powered by latest technology with swift response time.

E-Album. Our crew shall cover all classical, standard and well organized celebrations and events around the world.  Part of our core services is basically an e-pictography with experience in virtually all aspect of pictorial and graphics coverage.  We showcase the comprehensive pictorial representation of our client’s exciting events in an e-album on our website for the viewing pleasure of all well wishers around the world. This is done within 24hours after the occasion and event.

Multiple Albums. We provide our clients with one stop desk services of pictorial coverage. This service will combine both e-album and photo book together. We will produce from the e-album a long lasting and emotional photo book that transmits the inner feelings of the celebrant.

E-Archive. Event will come and go but the memories will continue to linger. We archive event pictures and programs that are undertaken by our company with a view to safekeeping them for the company’s future reference.


MEMA is opened to sponsorship in full or in parts on behalf of the celebrant(s). This is an avenue to be distinct in ones contribution as it will be greatly acknowledged by the celebrant(s), all the family and well wishers. It will also linger on for years to come.

The sponsor can be from family, friends, colleagues, business associates, benefactors, corporate organizations and well wishers. Such sponsorship shall be boldly acknowledged on the face of each of the uploaded photographs unless otherwise stated by the sponsor.

Our coverage

We cover all glitz and glamour of top class event, celebration and festivity throughout the country. We have trained professionals strategically located around Nigeria to capture every eventful moment we are contracted to showcase in our platform.