My event my album is website designed is website created by Sevenstreams International Ltd to share the pictorial moment of celebrations in the life of individual, group, government and corporate organisation around the world. Everyone in life has a moment of joy and happiness that will deserves sharing with well wishers in Diasporas.  This site provides ways to get everyone connected with what made an event great and splendid.


This platform is an avenue for the celebrant to give back to attendees and to show those who could not make the occasion the pictorial representation of the glitz and glamour of the events by bringing out all faces and exciting moments including the unexpected.


What is new?

It is human and in our culture especially in our society to review and discuss with friends, relations, colleagues and client about the events we attended of recent. People tend to make effort to give an in-depth description of how it went.


MYEVENTMYALBUM becomes a reference site to drive home individual point wherever you are around the world. A friendly argument often brew up among attendees later about who attended and who did not, whom you see saw and who you didn’t see. This is due to the fact that no individual can see all attendees in any occasion most especially the celebrants. Even Physical album and Video coverage won’t be ready until few weeks after the occasion and it is limited to the celebrant and few immediate families around to watch and review.  In MYEVENTMYALBUM, we showcase the faces of at least 90% of the people that attended the event and they see themselves within few hours after the event. It is unlike other media coverage with concentration on celebrants and very limited air space allocation by broadcast stations to give detail documentary.


It’s about your day

The website will bring your album into the palm of people especially those that could not make the event and are scattered around the globe.  There are many instances where all intending attendees that prepared for an occasion could not make it due to an unforeseen occurrence or challenge. Such people often wait till few pictures are shared on social media to have a feel of the occasion probably after few days or weeks.  Even at that, it will only be for those the uploader shares his/her account with on such social platform anyway.


MEMA will create an array of pictures that will cover every aspect of the celebration. With our professionalism we will implant in all viewers a moment to always remember in your life by uploading series of captivating pictures that made you occasion stands out.